Ich sammle seit 1976 Autogramme persönlich angefangen mit Fussball, Musik, Show + Politik!!! Bitte beachten Sie auch die anderen Auktionen, es lässt sich häufig Porto sparen!! Alle Autogramme wurden persönlich gesammelt siehe Beschreibung bzw. Bitte nur bieten, wenn Sie das Foto bzw. Autogramm auch haben möchten!! The item “Harrison Ford signiert signed autograph Autogramm auf [ Read On… ]

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Harrison Ford signed Funko Pop of Han Solo from Star Wars. Autograph obtained in person in New York City on May 23, 2019. Harrison signed the Funko Pop using a blue sharpie permanent marker. Please see the photos posted showing Harrison signing this EXACT item (it is not a stock image). The item “Harrison Ford [ Read On… ]

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A beautiful colour 10×8 photograph of Harrison Ford as the iconic Indiana Jones in one of the most famous scenes from the franchise, signed by Ford in blue sharpie pen IN PERSON in New York during an appearance on the David Letterman talk show. So rare and highly collectable now. Ford is a tough signer [ Read On… ]

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WELCOME TO SKYLINE SIGNATURES. Item Signed: HARRISON FORD SIGNED 8X10 PHOTO. Place Obtained: Midtown NYC Hotel, NYC. All autographs are obtained IN PERSON directly from the celebrity. You will be receiving a high quality professional photo directly to you in excellent condition. We stand behind our products 100% and have a satisfaction guarantee! Each autograph [ Read On… ]

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